Millenco Magnum Keys

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Product Description

We have specialist equipment for cutting the Magnum keys so we can provide a quick and reliable service.

The millenco magnum keys contain 3 codes: A, B and C. Your key codes are found on your key code card attached to your original magnum keys

We have a discount structure whereby the more keys you order the cheaper they are.

We find just occasionally that the manufacturer gets the code wrong so if we go by the card and the key is different you will receive a key that does not work. 

Please email us a copy of your card and key for us to confirm the keys will be cut to the correct code. Our locksmith can read the patterns of the lock and establish the code is correct before commencing work.

In the interest of security we would advise having your house keys delivered to a different address such as place of work, friend or family member.


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Price : £11.45